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Extra-Tours is the guests’ first choice. From the moment they leave the plane to the final check-in our experienced guides take care of them and do not treat them as a mere nuisance. Our motto is “with us on a different path” and our aim is to make your guests welcome and to be of service to them in every possible way.

Our highest and first goal is the satisfaction of the guests.

We always negotiate the best prices for you at our partnership hotels and immediately inform you if there are any changes. It is understood of course that you get the price we negotiated for you without any commission.

In cases of emergency we can be reached around the clock because every guest is a VIP for us.

Naturally, our vehicles are maintained according to international standards and the guests as well as the vehicles are fully insured according to national law. Cleanliness and punctuality are on top of our list - typical German!

Please peruse our home page or contact us for a personal conversation.


Incentive Packages


Motivation is the key to have personnel perform way past the call of duty. You achieve this kind of motivation by organizing incentive trips.

  • We have the experience and the necessary team to fulfill all your wishes with regards to the execution of such trips.

  • We arrange a program for you with the best results in relation to your budget.

  • A successful incentive trip is already worth the money before it starts since it augments your personnel’s motivation, increases sales and lowers costs.

The Dominican Republic is the perfect spot for such a trip since the hotel costs are the lowest in the entire Caribbean, the island is large and full of contrasts (deserts, gorgeous beaches, mountain streams, etc.) and the natives are very friendly and therefore there is no danger of terrorism or criminality. The climate is also near perfect since it is warm and pleasant year round.

We can organize music or folklore groups at the airport to make you feel welcome, and we can also hand out a special welcome present (cigars or flowers for example). There are many artisans that are able to manufacture small welcome presents for us. Challenge us!

Let us make you a program, all you have to do is give us a time frame and a budget and we will find the perfect solution.


Special: Motivation Training


Back to the past: Live two or more days in the countryside with a local family with no electricity, fetch water and swim in the river and cook on an open fire. This strengthens the communal spirit of your employees and makes your team stronger.

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